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Dhalgren Review

Dhalgren Review and Analysis

The city of Bellona lies dying at the center of America. There has been some event that left it in this state, uncommunicative with the outside world as those other cities around it move on through normal day-to-day life. A young man who has forgotten his name and his past, soon to be dubbed The …

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Bloodborne review

Bloodborne Review

A world reminiscent of Victorian England, home to massive Gothic architecture, is now in lockdown for the night of the Hunt. Beasts and madmen roam the streets attacking any still sane thing within sight. Your character, a hunter, is tasked with moving through the streets to rid them of these beasts and protect the citizens …

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Halo 3 review

Halo 3 Review

Halo 3 is the third, and originally the final, game of the series. It ended the original trilogy’s story with a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion.¬†Halo 3 follows the events of Halo 2 where Master Chief, Johnson, and Keyes stop the second Halo ring from activating having to leave Cortana behind to follow the covenant to …

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The Fifth Head of Cerberus

The Fifth Head of Cerberus Explanation and Review

The Fifth Head of Cerberus is Gene Wolfe’s second published work following Operation Ares. Previous to reading this, I have read the five books of his Book of the New Sun series twice and then Peace. It has been a while since these reads, but I was excited to get back into Gene Wolfe. The …

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