Pathologic 2 Review

Pathologic 2 Review

It is a cycle – the game begins with our failure to stop a plague that has been ravishing the town, and we are now given the option to try again. We are referred to as an actor and the tragedy that we have been a part of ends and then begins anew. From day …

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Bloodborne review

Bloodborne Review

A world reminiscent of Victorian England, home to massive Gothic architecture, is now in lockdown for the night of the Hunt. Beasts and madmen roam the streets attacking any still sane thing within sight. Your character, a hunter, is tasked with moving through the streets to rid them of these beasts and protect the citizens …

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Dark Souls 3 Review

Dark Souls 3 Review

The flame has been reignited as extinguished time and time again for millennia, leaving the world covered in layers of fine, gray ash with each passing fire. A new, and possibly final, hero is born from this ash with the ringing of a bell, hopefully to end the cycle for good. Dark Souls 3 takes …

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Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 Review

Dark Souls 2 is the most polarizing game of the series including FromSoft’s other Souls-like games. It almost always ends up being either someone’s favorite or least favorite of them all, rarely ever ending up in between somewhere. Some people hate the lore while some find it unique when compared to the original; some dislike …

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Final Fantasy 3 Review

Final Fantasy 3 Review (PC)

The world of Final Fantasy 3 has been in a constant battle between light and dark. However, unlike the previous games, neither light nor dark are real representations of good and evil. Instead, they represent opposing forces that must be held in equilibrium. In this game, the forces of darkness have begun taking over, and …

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Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Cyberpunk 2077 Review (PS4 and PS5)

Introduction: Night City is a massive Cyberpunk world, taking place in 2077 Southern California, riddled with districts ranging from futuristic corporate downtowns to impoverished malls to culturally themed neighborhoods. It’s a world filled with cyber body modifications, tech guns, impossibly massive buildings, and absurd levels of political corruption. But these are also all part of …

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Dark Souls Remastered Review

Dark Souls Remastered Review

A world of dragons and lords has gone to war, and with the lords coming out victorious, they set out to mold the lands to their choosing. Many years after, the light in the world is now dying, so one of the great lords, Gwyn, has kindled the bonfire to keep the world alive and …

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Demon's Souls Review PS5

Demon’s Souls Review PS5 (2020)

My first playthrough of Demon’s Souls was shortly after having beaten the first two Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. I remember it being pretty clunky (even more than the original Dark Souls) but still creating a unique world with many brutal challenges. After having played those other Souls games, I was not as entirely impressed …

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