CivilWarLand in Bad Decline Review

CivilWarLand in Bad Decline Analysis and Review

The decaying theme park CivilWarLand finds itself hiring a mentally deranged Vietnam War veteran to protect the park from gangs; an obese employee at a faux-humane raccoon pest control agency suffers ridicule from his coworkers; a man working at a wave-making machine suffers the emotional repercussions of having accidentally killed a boy. These are the …

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Omensetter's Luck review

Omensetter’s Luck Review

In the late 19th-century. Brackett Omensetter and his family, a pregnant wife and two daughters, move from the country into Gilean, a small backwater Ohio town. Omensetter finds work and a place to rent by the river. His landlord, Henry Pimber, becomes nearly obsessed with Omensetter’s personality and his naturalistic, nonchalant lifestyle. After Pimber realizes …

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You Bright and Risen Angels Review

You Bright and Risen Angels Review

After three weeks and over 600 pages of this novel, it is sad to say that my parting thoughts were, “it’s finally over” (thought with an immense sigh of relief and a sarcastically tearful reflection that I could have read five other books I truly loved in that time). You Bright and Risen Angels is …

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Mysterious Object at Noon Analysis

Mysterious Object at Noon Analysis

Stories, legends, myths, and histories, all have their origin. They are passed down through generations of family, through groups of friends, from overheard conversations, or, nowadays, reading something online. These stories are added upon and changed; certain people focus on specific parts, and others find those aspects irrelevant. Each story touches someone and affects them …

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The Recognitions Review

The Recognitions Review and Analysis

The Recognitions is a book that is the first of its kind. Maximalism was semi-present in previous novels such as Moby Dick and Ulysses, but the massively wide scope of interweaving plots, characters, themes, and references, had truly never been done before. Not only was it the first maximalist novel, but it serves as a …

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The Silence Don DeLillo

The Silence Don DeLillo Review

Don DeLillo has truly perfected the art of causing me existential dread, or extreme anxiety and paranoia, or the belief that my life or the world are ending any second – or maybe all of the above. The Silence, released just yesterday, is an incredibly brief novella where DeLillo ponders on what would happen if …

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Satantango, the Novel Explained

Introduction Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s novel Satantango concerns itself with the destitute lives of the residents living in a decrepit, rain-drenched Hungarian estate. He writes the novel using winding, multi-part, sometimes page-long sentences that almost act as a dialogue when no one is speaking. Instead, the sentences speak to themselves, discussing the themes, correcting the earlier moments, …

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