Absalom, Absalom! Review

Absalom Absalom Review and Analysis

Stories, legends, mythologies; retellings of tales or recountings of actual events; historical fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, sci-fi… all have their origins in an original and real moment in time. It could be as far back as Biblical history or Gilgamesh, where an actual flood was likely recounted from generation to generation until it appeared as …

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In the Heart of the Heart of the Country Analysis

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country Analysis

Insanity runs rampant through the American Midwest, whether due to boredom, loneliness, alcohol, or the violently cold weather. The characters within this collection move through their normal lives as their minds fall deeper into a barrage of words that rattle both them and the reader. The first four stories each show a different form of …

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The Cannibal John Hawkes

The Cannibal John Hawkes Review

A single reading of this novel is not enough to parse it; 195 pages densely packed with more material than most novels three or four times its length. I don’t begin to think I comprehended much, yet I think John Hawkes’ designed this first read to wash over you and hit your subconscious to realize …

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Dubliners James Joyce review

Dubliners James Joyce Review

The Collection: James Joyce wrote the stories that eventually became Dubliners between 1905 and its publication in 1914. It is one of our first works (if not the first work) of modernist prose. It takes us from childhood to old age, following characters in their struggle with daily life in Dublin, Ireland. The stories tell …

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Omensetter's Luck review

Omensetter’s Luck Review

In the late 19th-century. Brackett Omensetter and his family, a pregnant wife and two daughters, move from the country into Gilean, a small backwater Ohio town. Omensetter finds work and a place to rent by the river. His landlord, Henry Pimber, becomes nearly obsessed with Omensetter’s personality and his naturalistic, nonchalant lifestyle. After Pimber realizes …

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The Recognitions Review

The Recognitions Review and Analysis

The Recognitions is a book that is the first of its kind. Maximalism was semi-present in previous novels such as Moby Dick and Ulysses, but the massively wide scope of interweaving plots, characters, themes, and references, had truly never been done before. Not only was it the first maximalist novel, but it serves as a …

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