Absalom, Absalom! Review

Absalom Absalom Review and Analysis

Stories, legends, mythologies; retellings of tales or recountings of actual events; historical fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, sci-fi… all have their origins in an original and real moment in time. It could be as far back as Biblical history or Gilgamesh, where an actual flood was likely recounted from generation to generation until it appeared as …

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Metzengerstein Analysis

Metzengerstein Analysis and Review

Edgar Allen Poe published Metzengerstein, his first short story, in 1832. It was a Gothic tale of the supernatural which both used and satirized traditional German Gothic horror elements. It’s a story of prophecy, overcoming death, and pride. Two houses in Hungary have been pitted against each other – the Metzengersteins and the Berlifitzings. A …

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