A Brighter Summer Day Review

A Brighter Summer Day Review

Identity is crafted in the formative years of youth, during school days and gatherings with friends, discovering hobbies, bonding with family, exploring one’s culture. Yet, if the world around this developing mind is rife with hardships, is itself lacking an identity, then these children, as we see in Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day, will …

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In the Mood for Love Analysis

In the Mood for Love Analysis and Review

In 1960s Hong Kong, two new neighbors find that their spouses are cheating on them with each other. These neighbors, Su and Chow, pass each other day after day, noticing one another on rainy nights on their way to get noodles, or seeing each other coming and going in the narrow stairway of their apartment …

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Satantango Movie Review

Satantango Movie Review

Satantango opens with a man staring out a window. He looks out, and back in, out, and in again. Minutes pass in this scene in real-time, and when he moves away from the window, the camera holds still, no people in sight, for minutes more. Through this, a distant sound is heard – the mixture …

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Only God Forgives Review and Analysis

Only God Forgives Review and Analysis

Only God Forgives is a film that seems to garner much hate and even more misinterpretation – I’m thinking of a specific high viewership review site that, for this film, does not even attempt an interpretation and instead takes the director’s single comment about the movie being about violence and revenge and refuses to analyze …

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Minari Review

Minari Review (2020)

A 50-acre open field, carpeted by thick natural grass and surrounded by forests with hidden ponds. This is where the Yi family, having immigrated from Korea to the US, has decided to set up after leaving California for something better. It is rural Arkansas, far away from any hospital and from the city itself, and …

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Nomadland Review

Nomadland Review (2020)

America’s obsession with work culture has created a world where people cannot live without a job both economically and psychologically. They are forced to work until the end of their life and not to experience true “free-time” or to live out dreams they had outside of the job realm – or, as a character in …

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Late Spring Movie Review

Late Spring Movie Review

Noriko and her father live together in 1940s Japan sometime after the war. They are happy – he works as a professor and she, now 27 years old, cares for him and makes treks to the city alongside him. It is the ideal set-up for them both filled with love, respect, and admiration. One day, …

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The Seventh Seal Analysis

The Seventh Seal Analysis

A disillusioned knight and his squire return from the crusades to find the world they left behind now ravaged by the plague. They had left the land to fight for God and to spread his word – to pass along his supposed goodness and forgiveness. Yet after likely killing so many in his name, they …

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Vive l'Amour Review

Vive l’Amour Analysis and Review

Three young adults in Taiwan are living together under one roof, one of whom is completely unaware that anyone else is in the house. The first is a female real-estate agent trying to sell the luxurious apartment; one is a male “street vendor” who occasionally sleeps with her; and one is a columbarium salesman who …

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