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In the Mood for Love Analysis

In the Mood for Love Analysis and Review

In 1960s Hong Kong, two new neighbors find that their spouses are cheating on them with each other. These neighbors, Su and Chow, pass each other day after day, noticing one another on rainy nights on their way to get noodles, or seeing each other coming and going in the narrow stairway of their apartment …

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Dhalgren Review

Dhalgren Review and Analysis

The city of Bellona lies dying at the center of America. There has been some event that left it in this state, uncommunicative with the outside world as those other cities around it move on through normal day-to-day life. A young man who has forgotten his name and his past, soon to be dubbed The …

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Satantango Movie Review

Satantango Movie Review

Satantango opens with a man staring out a window. He looks out, and back in, out, and in again. Minutes pass in this scene in real-time, and when he moves away from the window, the camera holds still, no people in sight, for minutes more. Through this, a distant sound is heard – the mixture …

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Dark Souls 3 Review

Dark Souls 3 Review

The flame has been reignited as extinguished time and time again for millennia, leaving the world covered in layers of fine, gray ash with each passing fire. A new, and possibly final, hero is born from this ash with the ringing of a bell, hopefully to end the cycle for good. Dark Souls 3 takes …

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The Seventh Seal Analysis

The Seventh Seal Analysis

A disillusioned knight and his squire return from the crusades to find the world they left behind now ravaged by the plague. They had left the land to fight for God and to spread his word – to pass along his supposed goodness and forgiveness. Yet after likely killing so many in his name, they …

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Dark Souls Remastered Review

Dark Souls Remastered Review

A world of dragons and lords has gone to war, and with the lords coming out victorious, they set out to mold the lands to their choosing. Many years after, the light in the world is now dying, so one of the great lords, Gwyn, has kindled the bonfire to keep the world alive and …

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The Recognitions Review

The Recognitions Review and Analysis

The Recognitions is a book that is the first of its kind. Maximalism was semi-present in previous novels such as Moby Dick and Ulysses, but the massively wide scope of interweaving plots, characters, themes, and references, had truly never been done before. Not only was it the first maximalist novel, but it serves as a …

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Satantango, the Novel Explained

Introduction Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s novel Satantango concerns itself with the destitute lives of the residents living in a decrepit, rain-drenched Hungarian estate. He writes the novel using winding, multi-part, sometimes page-long sentences that almost act as a dialogue when no one is speaking. Instead, the sentences speak to themselves, discussing the themes, correcting the earlier moments, …

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