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Crito by Plato Analysis

Crito by Plato Analysis

Crito follows the events of Apology where Socrates is sentenced to execution for his crimes. Crito, a friend of Socrates, bribes guards to allow him entrance into Socrates’ cell. He has enough money and knows enough people in high places to help Socrates escape. The catch is that Socrates’ day of execution will come the …

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Apology Plato

Plato Apology Analysis

Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth and of impiety, something he sought to define and understand in Plato’s first dialogue, Euthyphro. In that same dialogue, it was revealed that Socrates about to go to trial for this accusation, and now, in Apology, the trial (399 BC) is occurring and it is Socrates’ turn to …

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Hesiod Theogony summary

Theogony Hesiod – A Summary of Thoughts

As a contemporary of Homer, Hesiod composed smaller-scale epic poems which touched on the myths of creation, the Gods, Ancient Greek agriculture, and other cultural touchpoints at the time. In his most well-known work, Theogony, Hesiod retells the Greek God creation myth beginning with the formation of Chaos and Gaea, leading to Zeus’ overthrow of …

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Euthyphro Analysis

Euthyphro Analysis

In 399 BC, Socrates was accused of impiety and corrupting the minds of the youth – an accusation, in reality, that was based on the fear the government had about philosophers turning the populace against them. Socrates was known for disagreeing with certain political beliefs that deemed Athens the one true power and thus his …

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The Odyssey Themes and Influence in Modern Fiction

Introduction: The basis for nearly every adventure story (and in my opinion, nearly every other story, too) stems from Homer’s Odyssey. Thus, the scenes of Odysseus trekking from island to island, battling frightening beasts, and his year-long affairs with beautiful goddesses, all often take precedence over the tremendously human scenes of his final coming home. …

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The Iliad

The Iliad Review

Introduction: The Iliad is an absolutely ancient work, and because of this, analyzing it academically or just reviewing it would not serve any importance. Instead, I will attempt to discuss its history, its influence in the literary tradition, decide whether it is worth reading in full, and finally, giving a brief rating at the end. …

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