Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo Ishmael Reed Analysis

Modern-day America is constantly witness to the blatant oppression of black culture and black communities. There are clear groups dedicated to this action who are outright in their intentions. But if it were only these less subtle groups acting against the black community, would they be so successful in their oppression? In Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo …

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V Thomas Pynchon Analysis

V Thomas Pynchon Analysis and Review

Herbert Stencil mines through catalogs of information, seeking stories that his father and others had once told about the mysterious figure V who appears in times of mass violence. At the same time, Benny Profane treks through parts of the East Coast, partying, sleeping with women, hunting alligators in the New York sewers, and trying …

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Absalom, Absalom! Review

Absalom Absalom Review and Analysis

Stories, legends, mythologies; retellings of tales or recountings of actual events; historical fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, sci-fi… all have their origins in an original and real moment in time. It could be as far back as Biblical history or Gilgamesh, where an actual flood was likely recounted from generation to generation until it appeared as …

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In the Heart of the Heart of the Country Analysis

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country Analysis

Insanity runs rampant through the American Midwest, whether due to boredom, loneliness, alcohol, or the violently cold weather. The characters within this collection move through their normal lives as their minds fall deeper into a barrage of words that rattle both them and the reader. The first four stories each show a different form of …

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The Cannibal John Hawkes

The Cannibal John Hawkes Review

A single reading of this novel is not enough to parse it; 195 pages densely packed with more material than most novels three or four times its length. I don’t begin to think I comprehended much, yet I think John Hawkes’ designed this first read to wash over you and hit your subconscious to realize …

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The End of the Road Review

The End of the Road Review and Analysis

Jacob Horner, stressed beyond belief, sat down at a train station one day and was unable to move for the entire night. He sat there unwilling to admit paralysis. In the morning, a Doctor passed by and immediately knew what to do. He recruited Jacob to attend a meeting with him at his clinic, and …

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Metzengerstein Analysis

Metzengerstein Analysis and Review

Edgar Allen Poe published Metzengerstein, his first short story, in 1832. It was a Gothic tale of the supernatural which both used and satirized traditional German Gothic horror elements. It’s a story of prophecy, overcoming death, and pride. Two houses in Hungary have been pitted against each other – the Metzengersteins and the Berlifitzings. A …

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Dhalgren Review

Dhalgren Review and Analysis

The city of Bellona lies dying at the center of America. There has been some event that left it in this state, uncommunicative with the outside world as those other cities around it move on through normal day-to-day life. A young man who has forgotten his name and his past, soon to be dubbed The …

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The Floating Opera Review

The Floating Opera Review

One day, Todd Andrews wakes up and begins his day with the thought in his mind that he must commit suicide. To him, it was not a depressing thought, but a revelatory one. From some future time, Todd tells the story of this nearly final day – where he moves through the rest of his …

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Minari Review

Minari Review (2020)

A 50-acre open field, carpeted by thick natural grass and surrounded by forests with hidden ponds. This is where the Yi family, having immigrated from Korea to the US, has decided to set up after leaving California for something better. It is rural Arkansas, far away from any hospital and from the city itself, and …

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