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Surfacing Margaret Atwood Review

Surfacing Margaret Atwood Review

An unnamed narrator, her new lover Joe, and a married couple, David and Anna, travel into the Canadian wilderness in search of the narrator’s missing father. They come across his abandoned home and settle down as the narrator moves through nostalgic memories of childhood and unspecific memories of her recently failed marriage. As they move …

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The End of the Road Review

The End of the Road Review and Analysis

Jacob Horner, stressed beyond belief, sat down at a train station one day and was unable to move for the entire night. He sat there unwilling to admit paralysis. In the morning, a Doctor passed by and immediately knew what to do. He recruited Jacob to attend a meeting with him at his clinic, and …

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Dhalgren Review

Dhalgren Review and Analysis

The city of Bellona lies dying at the center of America. There has been some event that left it in this state, uncommunicative with the outside world as those other cities around it move on through normal day-to-day life. A young man who has forgotten his name and his past, soon to be dubbed The …

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Primeval and Other Times Review

Primeval and Other Times Review and Analysis

If the entirety of the world were condensed into a small village, and the human population into a few dozen characters, one would approach the town of Primeval. It is a world where the human, the natural, and the supernatural come together to play out the 20th-century. The world of Primeval is a look at …

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The Floating Opera Review

The Floating Opera Review

One day, Todd Andrews wakes up and begins his day with the thought in his mind that he must commit suicide. To him, it was not a depressing thought, but a revelatory one. From some future time, Todd tells the story of this nearly final day – where he moves through the rest of his …

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The Beggar Maid Alice Munro Analysis

The Beggar Maid Alice Munro Analysis and Review

Introduction Rose is a young girl who lives at home in a poor Canadian town know as Hanratty. She lives with her step-mother Flo, her father, and her half-brother Brian. In this collection (originally titled, Who Do You Think You Are?), Alice Munro takes the reader through Rose’s life in a series of ten connected …

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The Melancholy of Resistance Review

The Melancholy of Resistance Review

A simplistic analysis of this book, as I see many reviews state, is viewing it as an apocalyptic event occurring in a small Hungarian town, affecting the lives of some and benefitting the lives of the more powerful. Yet, something seems wrong with that analysis. If the major event of this novel was an apocalypse, …

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Dubliners James Joyce review

Dubliners James Joyce Review

The Collection: James Joyce wrote the stories that eventually became Dubliners between 1905 and its publication in 1914. It is one of our first works (if not the first work) of modernist prose. It takes us from childhood to old age, following characters in their struggle with daily life in Dublin, Ireland. The stories tell …

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CivilWarLand in Bad Decline Review

CivilWarLand in Bad Decline Analysis and Review

Introduction: The decaying theme park CivilWarLand finds itself hiring a mentally deranged Vietnam War veteran to protect the park from gangs; an obese employee at a faux-humane raccoon pest control agency suffers ridicule from his coworkers; a man working at a wave-making machine suffers the emotional repercussions of having accidentally killed a boy. These are …

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Omensetter's Luck review

Omensetter’s Luck Review

In the late 19th-century. Brackett Omensetter and his family, a pregnant wife and two daughters, move from the country into Gilean, a small backwater Ohio town. Omensetter finds work and a place to rent by the river. His landlord, Henry Pimber, becomes nearly obsessed with Omensetter’s personality and his naturalistic, nonchalant lifestyle. After Pimber realizes …

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