The Crying of Lot 49 Analysis

The Crying of Lot 49 Analysis

A tapestry flows out of a stone tower covering the Earth with an artificial mantle, formed by the weavers being spoken to in code by a man in black – code that is translated from the melody being played by another man out of sight, behind a dark doorway. Above a city in California known …

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Omensetter's Luck review

Omensetter’s Luck Review

In the late 19th-century. Brackett Omensetter and his family, a pregnant wife and two daughters, move from the country into Gilean, a small backwater Ohio town. Omensetter finds work and a place to rent by the river. His landlord, Henry Pimber, becomes nearly obsessed with Omensetter’s personality and his naturalistic, nonchalant lifestyle. After Pimber realizes …

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