The End of the Road Review

The End of the Road Review and Analysis

Jacob Horner, stressed beyond belief, sat down at a train station one day and was unable to move for the entire night. He sat there unwilling to admit paralysis. In the morning, a Doctor passed by and immediately knew what to do. He recruited Jacob to attend a meeting with him at his clinic, and …

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The Floating Opera Review

The Floating Opera Review

One day, Todd Andrews wakes up and begins his day with the thought in his mind that he must commit suicide. To him, it was not a depressing thought, but a revelatory one. From some future time, Todd tells the story of this nearly final day – where he moves through the rest of his …

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The Seventh Seal Analysis

The Seventh Seal Analysis

A disillusioned knight and his squire return from the crusades to find the world they left behind now ravaged by the plague. They had left the land to fight for God and to spread his word – to pass along his supposed goodness and forgiveness. Yet after likely killing so many in his name, they …

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The Recognitions Review

The Recognitions Review and Analysis

The Recognitions is a book that is the first of its kind. Maximalism was semi-present in previous novels such as Moby Dick and Ulysses, but the massively wide scope of interweaving plots, characters, themes, and references, had truly never been done before. Not only was it the first maximalist novel, but it serves as a …

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Goodbye, Columbus analysis

Goodbye Columbus Analysis and Review

Introduction: Goodbye, Columbus is Philip Roth’s first book, consisting of a novella and five of his early short stories. In this book, Roth begins his prolific career and we can see his first time exploring the themes he would one day become famous for: sexuality, guilt, hate, discrimination, hypocrisy, aging, and what it means to …

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